We’re focus on creating new living spaces which are beautiful, useful and innovative

We Have Wings

ArQtek makes use of the latest photogrammetry technology, with our Phantom 4 Pro drone and specialized software, we fly over the area we want to survey, and are able to create a highly accurate 3D topography surface used in our software to determine accurate levels.

Our Company

ArQtek was established in 2008 and has always operated under the name of Spectiv. In 2016 ArQtek has officially gone on its own and was registered under it’s own name. ArQtek offers various services.

Our team has a great passion for architecture and creativity, and we love what we do to the max. Whether we are designing your new home, planning your renovations or new home additions or creating a concept project, we put our everything into every project.

2016 - 2017

We are designing for 1 year. Look at our projects we have done so far